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What is this Novel Coronavirus


How to Face Novel Coronavirus

Today all we are talking about CoronaVirus in China.  Its breakdown connections from China’s central city of  Wuhan. Because they have to protect 20 cities of an estimated 56 million people. They took good action for this virus at a good time. We have to thank for china’s government as worldwide people.

At this time Morethan 31,161. patients reported from Globally Especially in china. Most cases reported from China and near Wuhan and Hubei province and 636 peoples die because of this Novel Coronavirus.

Anyway, let’s talk About Coronavirus and how to face that virus.

What is Coronavirus?

At the end of December 2019, china scientists found an unknown virus. It’s named now 2019 Novel Corona Virus. These viruses are a large set of viruses. They have a core of genetic material surrounded by an envelope with protein spikes this gives it the appearance of a crown and Latin is called Corona. So that’s the way this virus took that name.

By the way, Coronavirus has basically two different types of respiratory and gastrointestinal. Respiratory disease is able to be cold to pneumonia. But get the generally mild disease. This Coronavirus is able to turn severe disease as the acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. First, its Identified in china in 2003 Its called SARS. After MERS from Saudi Arabia in 2012. Now Coronavirus again in china in 2019.

Novel Coronavirus first identified in the seafood and live animal food market in Wuhan. That virus spread from families and health care staff in Wuhan. Now its spread worldwide though they took action. But China gets a good decision at a good time. It’s not, now situation gone worse than this time real situation.

Does Wherefrom That Virus Come From?

This Coronavirus actually, circulates in a special range of animals. Sometimes these viruses jump from animals to humans. Its called spillover. Example SARS from camels and MERS from civet cats. But we don’t know how was spread yet Novel coronavirus exactly. By the way, Scientist has some guess that virus may be spillover from Chinese Cobra.

How This Virus Transmitted?

It’s Normally transmitted through droplets by when infected persons cough and sneeze using air or through touch something on viruses. You must care if you are frequenting in groups.

Groups Most at Risk

What are the symptoms of Novel Coronavirus?

You Know, We don’t know yet mortality rate of his virus. So we have to our lives save and defense from that Virus. This Virus as we know started mild and it goes to severe. first, you get a fever and shortness of breath, cough. After it goes to severe case pneumonia, Kidney failure or death. that is the worse thing of this Virus.

Diagnosis, Treatments and Prevent from Novel Coronavirus

How do we find are you infected from the coronavirus. That test calls PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction).

Corona Virus has no specific medications, vaccines, and treatments for this time.

But We have to prevent this deadly virus. This time minimal spread geographic in this virus in the world because china gets good actions right time. Anyway, WHO and healthcare services add some notice for people’s healthcare.

  • Covering your mouth and nose when you are cough or sneezing.
  • Use the face mask.
  • Wash Hands from soap or alcoholic hand wash.
  • Avoid unnecessary contacts with animal

Anyway if you are not feeling well you must stay home and get rest. Further in case if you have a fever and cough Visit doctor and get advice, medications, and information more.

We will inform you of more info about this virus… Stay Tuned.


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