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Sonam Kapoor 10 Tips on Staying Healthy


These tips are what I found from some gossips. So I think its good for you as advice. Sonam Kapoor is known famous actress in India. Normally Sonam Kapoor follows these simple tips to be staying be healthy.

She has a beautiful figure and she doing these simple tips to keep her body that way.

  1. Exercise :
    • Exercise is the best way to keep your beauty for a long time and it helps you to be live with a healthy life.
  2. Not Eating Samosa:
    • It means she not loving to eat Oily foods
  3. Eat Small Meals:
    • That is the best way to control your body to Attractive. It’s mean to eat meals for your only hungry. Don’t eat a lot of food at one time because it has a lot of carbohydrates, calories, cholesterol, like ingredients helping to fat.
  4. Do Not Eat Refined Foods:
    • Don’t eat refined foods. Try to eat fruit, vegetables, and lean meats.
  5. Drink More Water:
    • Drink more water, Its very help your body to be active. And drink green tea, because green tea has the caffeine you need.
  6. Accept that generally there can be no reason for straying from your routine.
  7. Be Dancer:
    • You, Don’t have to go to class and learn to dance. The only thing wants to fire up your calories. So, Put music and dance.
  8. Don’t be a lazy person.
    • Only you need to sleep 6-7 hours. It’s enough for your body to rest per day.
  9. Don’t be unhappy with that who you are and what you have. Stay happy and try to follow healthy tips. If you have any time, Set a goal to make good improvement.
  10. Recognize that there is no easy way. If you have a dream, So you have to dedicate yourself to that.

Here are some simple tips from Sonam Kapoor. She simply follows these steps to be healthy.


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