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Lipton Green Tea – Health Benefits – Health and Beauty Treatments Blog

Lipton Green Tea – Health Benefits – Health and Beauty Treatments Blog

We know Lipton is one of the famous tea brands in the world. Al one knows it as the black tea. Last year green got more impressions from peoples. It has got more popularity because of green tea benefits. So Lipton green tea has increased the role of green tea as well.
So you can find out especially 10 health benefits from Lipton Green Tea.

10 Lipton Green Tea Health benefits

  • Really help you to lose weight.
  • Increases fat burning and It really helps you reduce belly fat.
  • Lipton green tea has more contains healthy bioactive compounds.
  • Improve your brain function and activeness.
  • It may help to lower Antioxidants the risk of some cancers.
  • Lipton Green Tea will give real protection to the brain from aging.
  • Reduce your bad breath.
  • It will help you to prevent type 2 diabetes.
  • Lipton Green Tea can prevent cardiovascular disease.
  • Also, it helps you to live a long life.

Advantages of Green Tea Lipton :

Most of the health benefits of green tea are related to the presence of anti-oxidants, a class of chemicals that will protect cells against oxidative tension. As opposed to many tea companies, Lipton was really released and also measured the actual antioxidant content with their green teas. So practice that I find commendable. ?

Based on it is a website, the Lipton green tea base has (without flavor) includes ONE HUNDRED NINETY milligrams of flavonoid anti-oxidants for each tea bag.

Exactly how do we this compare with other green tea? The average quantity of anti-oxidants in a cup of tea can vary considerably from a single tea to another one, and in addition varies along with the time factor maceration and also preparation.

There are a variety of statistics available on exactly what constitutes a “common” quantity of anti-oxidants of green tea. Nevertheless, the anti-oxidant content released Lipton green tea with the upper end from the commercial green tea bags, recommending that it is probably relatively healthy and balanced as green tea leaves.

Nevertheless, independent research released in 2005 in the Journal of Food Chemistry and Toxicology. I Found another way, So it is indeed both green and also black tea Lipton in regards to the lower end of the series of tea brand names had been evaluated when it comes to antioxidant content.


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