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How to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

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Green tea Weight loss

However, we all know that black tea is the most popular in the whole world. It is assumed that it is taken by almost 84% more time than all other tea. But in recent times, the demand for green tea is increasing rapidly. It is because green tea plays an important role in weight loss with a perfect diet plan.

1Green Tea Can Help You in Weight Loss

In some studies, it has proved that there are some ingredients in green tea like flavonoids and caffeine that helps in increasing the metabolic rate and fat oxidation. There is another case that showed that those who consumed green tea have lost around 2.9 pounds in 12 weeks while maintaining a regular diet plan. 

2There is no Need to Drink a Lot of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Some stats reveal that drinking around 2.5 cups of green tea daily with a proper diet plan can help much in losing weight.

3There is a Particular Type of Green Tea for Weight Loss

Matcha green tea is the right type of green tea that will benefit you more if you are focused on a weight-loss mission. It has a high amount of nutrients and antioxidants. Therefore, it should be targeted by those people who want to lose weight.

4You Must be Knowing the Correct Method of Brewing of This Tea

Drinking green tea immediately after brewing it is harmful to health. You must wait for 10 minutes and then pour the green tea in it. Then again boil the water for 1 minute and finally serve it. However, you can manage the time of brewing according to your taste.

5Green Tea Has Many Health Benefits

Green tea is full of healthy nutrients, antioxidants, and brain-healthy compounds. There are different types of teas in the world but if you are focusing on losing weight, then you must try green tea. 

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