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Essentia – EssentiaMyHealth My health Web Review

Essentia My Health Complete Web Review

Essentia – EssentiaMyHealt

Visiting the doctor has been the need of humans, for different health problems we used to visit various specialists, but the outspread of COVID-19 has restrained us from doing that. Most of us fear getting infected if we visit the hospitals, keeping this inconvenience of the patients in mind. Essentia has come up with an online solution to our health problems. The prescribers of Essentia can now get an appointment, check their lab reports and view previous records through an online health program called “My Health”

Essentia My Health

Technology is out of the question these days, no human being can question the importance of technology in our lives and when the program of essentia is of much significance in this regard. It allows the parents to monitor their children’s record, keep track of it and consult the doctor if required. The adults whose parents are ageing can also benefit from the program by keeping track of their parents’ health, and the best thing about the program is that it doesn’t charge any money to the people who want to benefit from it.

The web-based system is of much importance because it keeps the patients connected with their health care provider. Because of this connectivity, they remain in constant touch with their prevailing health conditions. The lives these days have become super-fast, and merely we find times for ourselves, in this time, if there are any ways to stay connected with our health, it must be appreciated. Through my health program of essentia, we have access to our health on the go, either we can check it on our iPad while sitting in the lounge enjoying with our family or we can log on to the web through our mobile Phone even when we are busy working at our workplace.

A drawback of the service is that it doesn’t entertain the emergencies and deals with regular reports and checkups, this means that a person in a health emergency can’t use the services of “My Health Program”. The online web portal must also handle emergency clients so that people when in an emergency do not have to look for hospitals and doctors. The best way could be to give an option where the customers can call for an emergency, and the team of health professionals would arrive at the location to cater to the emergency.

Suppose talk of the public feedback given to “My health program” of Essentia, 80 per cent of the people who used the services of web-based online portal recommended it to their friends for consulting their healthcare specialist. These positive reviews show that the people are much satisfied with the services being offered through this program.

Employees are the backbone of any organization. The essentia has taken care of their employees to provide the best of services to the clients. When asked, the employees who have worked here said that they haven’t found any shortcoming in their workplace, the environment, management, and equipment, all are in their best shapes that help them carry out their duties effectively.


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