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E-Health Advantages and Disadvantages – Health and Beauty Treatments Blog

Nowadays most of the doctors and other healthcare systems are using the electronic health records system. There is a rapid increase in the demand for E-Health by many professionals. This is one of the most effortless and suitable systems that make it easy for managing the patient’s records. Most of the hospitals and other trusted organizations make use of the E-Health system to accommodate and manage their number of patients. Despite always being in high demand, there are several advantages as well as disadvantages of EHealth systems.


Protect the privacy of the patient.

The privacy of the patients is always a concern, especially when maintaining the records with pen and paper. Even if the security of the hospital is very high, there are chances that records are not secured. That is the main reason electronic health records are taken into action to preserve the records of each patient in digital format.

Organize health records.

Maintaining the records on paper after every minute new patient arrives, is very difficult. Hence, E-Health records are used to update records; they can save any information easily in no matter of time. And this will give accurate information about the patient while he is being monitored. 

Reduce the cost of patient records.

If the electronic health record system is being implemented then it will reduce the cost of maintaining the records of patients. This will also save time as compared to maintaining the records on the manual register.


The price of the device may cost high.

However, the E-Health records will save our time and work but the cost of purchasing the device may be very high. The cost is high because the device will maintain and secure the records of every patient.

Privacy difficulty concerns.

Although this device is fully secured doctors need to still be confirmed about its privacy protocols. Not following any protocol can lead to the leaking of the data having full records of the patients.

Deficient standardized terminologies.

The E-Health device has not clearly explained its terminologies which can lead to several misunderstandings.

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