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5 Simple Tips to Make Lipstick Last Longer – Health and Beauty Treatments Blog

Everyones worry about how to make lipstick last longer. Here are simple beauty steps to keep lipstick last longer.

Step 1: Apply your lip balm in your lips and keep it and let it soak few for a 2 minute – 4 minutes.

Step 2: After that, you have to remove excess lips balm from your lips. Fro this Your finger lay on your lips and lightly move your finger on your lips using a tissue.

Step 3: As the third step, Make a Line and fill up in your lip area with a lip liner. Always, we using lip liner to get a base to your lipstick. You have to get a similar shade of lip liner as your lipstick. Therefore in case, your lipstick rubs off, This lip liner will help to keep the color on your beautiful lips.

Step 4: Apply your lipstick slowly.

Step 5: Finally get a tissue, After Lay a tissue on your lips, and softly move your fingers in tissue. Then Remove the tissue. This can blot your lipstick. Then after applying your lipstick once again, and blot again.

These are very simple steps to tryout. Try these steps and share your experience with us.

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